graphics programmer based in Bucharest, Romania

Gameloft Bucharest . Rendering engineer . 2011-present
C++ graphics programmer currently working on the engine team, developing rendering features and tools to power future
games. Previously worked on game teams to push the rendering quality on projects such as:

Asphalt: Street Storm Racing
First game to use the new engine, I worked closely with the game team to implement desired features and tools.
Some of the tasks assigned to me include:
. transitioning the physically based lighting model and image based lighting system to a GGX BRDF
. porting the deferred renderer to low-end iOS Metal devices
. developing a forward renderer for low-end iOS GL devices and Android devices
. optimizing shadow caster culling and cascaded shadow maps generation and rendering
. performing profiling and optimizations of various engine systems to ensure smooth framerate on many devices
Sniper Fury
Developed post-processing effects such as depth of field, performed general profiling, optimizations and ensured
scalability of rendering features across many devices, worked closely with artists on some shader visual effects and
integrated them with gameplay code.
Brothers in Arms: Sons of War
Joined the team late in production, developing various requested post-processing effects, optimizing rendering
systems and features, ensuring they scale across many iOS and Android devices while maintaining a smooth framerate.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Worked with artists to emulate a comic-book look through non-photorealistic shading and edge detection as a
post-processing effect. Implemented two shadow-mapping techniques to scale across most devices and was tasked
with profiling and optimizations.
Blitz Brigade
First game I brought my contributions to by implementing a god-rays post-processing effect, shadow rendering for
characters with shadow-mapping or shadow volumes depending on the device, profiling, optimizing and refactoring
existing rendering code and working closely with artists on shader visual effects and character shading.

University Politehnica of Bucharest . Associate Teaching Assistant . 2012

Elements of Computer Graphics Course
As a laboratory assistant, I taught computer graphics notions, prepared tasks and one of the four homework assignments.

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers

Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Reality . 2012-2014
Computer Science . 2008-2012

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